February 1, 2010


At about 16 weeks of pregnancy so far, I can't really say that I've got any special cravings, in fact, my eating habits are still very much the same as before. I tend to eat a bit of everything, and I welcome chances to eat dishes from various elasticities.... unfortunately, Northern Virginia where I am currently residing, is not huge on ethnic cuisines, instead, there are a lot of imitations.

I have noticed that, however, that my taste for beef has changed somewhat. In the way that I don't like it as much as before. The same old commercials which showed sizzling steaks and chops just don't make me drool anymore. Yet that is not to say that I don't like the occasional burger.

Fruits and veggies have started to all of a sudden taste better than before, even the texture of them have gotten different for my taste buds! I try and pack more of them for my lunches at work... not only is that better but it also helps to save a bit of $. I love soup and especially the kind that has both meat and vegetables in it!

If there is something that I'd really like to have for the sake of cravings and winter dishes, it's got to be the Chinese hot pot (or 火鍋)! To me, it's like the best of both worlds! You've got your soup (I love soup!) and your pot full of protein (lean meats and sea food if you want to add them in) and vegetables! It's like killing two birds with one stone in getting your taste and nutritional needs!