August 26, 2011

Super Taste

Howdy everyone! A long, long, long time no see! I've been busy doing the family stuff, with my baby now at one year old, keeping up with him is a busy but joyous chore! He (the baby) is growing up to be some kind of foodie...of the vegetarian/fruitatarian sort, you see, he won't eat any meat or eggs. I heard that is not uncommon for toddlers to not want to eat meat. As long as he is healthy, I will accommodate him and his vegetarian ways.

Lately, when I'd get a chance, I've been watching this Taiwanese travel/food show called "Super Taste" or "食尚玩家" and drooling for the most part.

The show have about 3 sets of hosts, all being young and the energetic sort. They'd take turns traveling to various parts of Taiwan, sampling local fares, as well as the occasional journeys abroad. I like it because it's a very light-hearted show and the concentration of the show is more about the what makes the local fares delicious and less about the high and mighty foodie television stuff.

Sometimes, I'd sit my baby on my lap and we'd watch these clips on youtube...he seems to enjoy them too!

Will go back to food posting later! I've got to remember to give an update on how we b eating lately!

April 17, 2011


I've been wanting just about every kind of food from every other ethnicity but American. The kinds with lots of different vegetables. I don't know, for some reasons, my taste buds just pretty much wanted to quit your run of the mill American foods.

Could it be that American food is either too unrefined or too processed? I don't know. But taking a note from what my son has been eating so far (fruits and veggie purees), it made me wonder if food in its purest form is the best way to go, I mean, he seems to have so much energy!

I'm not by any means advocating some kind of raw food or all-puree diet, but it's just an interesting thought.