November 19, 2009

A bit of an variation

No, I'm not going to eat babies and tell you what they taste like on this blog, but as I slowly drag my ass back into writing and keeping this blog up, I've got an announcement to make....ready for this? I'm expecting! (We're finally old enough and my pets needs a playmate their size anyway.) My GF and I just found out about a week ago and I am already wondering what this baby (I'm guessing that it's one so far...but it's too early to tell.) will prompt me to eat as far as cravings are concerned.

I'm not having any morning sickness yet, but I've been told that they'll be coming. What are the chances, then, of me not having any?

So here's to 8 months of not eating cold cuts, no beer, no cigarettes, and no hotdogs! (That one hurts the most!)

Stay tuned as I, um, we, explore more food!

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