November 29, 2009

Care package from Houston!

When my sister came to visit us for thanksgiving, I had asked her to bring some dry food (mostly ramen) and seasoning aids that I could not find as easily here.

Here is the picture of what she had brought for me. Various assortments of the tung-i brand of ramen noodles (I've got to taper off on the consumption of these noodles!), anise seeds (for spicing up beef stews and other stewed goods with soy sauce base, dried noodles, and pork sungs (dried pork meat, you usually eat it with rice gruel, picked cucumbers and some tofu in the morning....assuming that you do have the luxury of a sit-down breakfast in the morning!)

My next entry will be what I've managed to learn from my sister in terms of some simple, home cooked dishes! I'm learning that it's simply not enough to love to eat and not know much about how to cook what you love to eat, so with her help, I'm stepping up! Besides, this growing baby inside should grow up not only knowing American food!

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